Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calendar is ready

Here it is - the Octobriana Revolutionary Calendar for 2010  :

You can purchase it directly on lulu at this address :


I hope you'll enjoy it
and again Happy Holiday to all

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holiday

During this month, our PPP cell made contact with the Italian PPP's cell - with "Mr G" to be exact, He's the grand, grand, grand, grand son of a noble musician of the Czar "Nikolaj I Pavlovič", and had to emigrate to Italy back in the 19e century, when the Czar discovered that he was not only playing the balalaika, but was also courting Olga Feodorovna of Baden (his youngest son's wife)...
Anyway Mr G, who is coincidentally like his ancestor a musician as well,  published a nice epic poem (in Italian) involving Octobriana, below is a approximate translation in English  :
At that moment could eventually combine with that constant presence in his mind
The sinuous form of a seductive tall and blond as the sun, a creature that goes by the name of Octobriana,
Notorious revolutionary goddess of the East, forcing the anonymity of a Uniform of Siberian delegation - That could only barely conceal his irrepressible sensuality.
Her eyes, blue and transparent like a frozen lake, did not betray in any way the Fire that has always burned in her heart.
A heart that dreams of a revolution - but not the one that might conceive a popular uprising neither a rebellion, nor an anarchy,
Rather something very similar to a bloody and decisive Ascension.
The full original text can be found on Mr G's blog : http://gozerdammerung.blogspot.com/2009/11/v-2-anstiegszeit-abfallzeit.html

Another good find from another Italian website (what a coincidence!) -  2 illustrations done by Maurizio Ercole, check for yourself :

And ... Finally, Happy Holiday to all - I hope you're having a lot of fun.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calendar 2010 (featuring Karel Jerie)

A little update related to the previous post ...

On the calendar's cover will be the work of Karel Jerie and the painting is mostly blue (that's why Pencil_in_Pain had a stroke of genius in his selection of colors).

Karel is a Czech comics artist and also a painter, and I always admire his composition and creativity. I'm also glad to have receive from him the original artwork.

His painting represents Octobriana hiding in Prague's old streets while a menacing Golem is looking for her.

Now the funny detail about this painting is the star on the Golem's forehead - because in the legend, that's where he's getting his power. So, that makes an interesting meeting ... and a possible geometric problem to solve.

Karel has drawn another sketch for the calendar which involved another potential geometric puzzle and will be a good surprise for people knowing Octobriana, and her origins.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Calendar 2010

Now that 2010 is very much into the horizon - I'm announcing officially the Octobriana Revolutionar Calendar (officially because that news was already posted on my DA page a while ago).

Because Octobriana is the Spirit of the October Revolution and October is the 10th month of the Year.
We may say that 2010 will be Octobriana's big  Year.
Another fascinating fact about next Year, October the 10th - will be 10-10-10 ; (that will probably get Mr H totally crazy about it).

Some details and comments about this calendar :
Back in September (when I was starting to think about this project (note to self - next Year, start the Calendar project earlier)) - I've contacted Pencil_in_Pain ; because he already had drawn a cool fan art of Octobriana (already mentioned in this blog) and Karel Jerie because he has drawn Octobriana many times, and he's Czech ... like Petr Sadecky.

Last week, I receveid their commissions and was impressed - and I salute both for their outstanding work.

As a little side note, I need to explain the change of the sniper gun Pencil_in_Pain originally drawn into a dagger Kris (you can see the original picture with the rifle on his DA page and the new version on the calendar picture above) - I don't like guns too much, and since Octobriana is also featured with a bottle of vodka in front of the Kremlin, I thought the rifle was a bit too risky.
Kudos to Pencil_in_Pain, he had a great idea to make the illustration one mostly red, and the other green (you'll see why on the next post) - Kudos as well for the dynamic of both composition. they're also remarkable.

Now more detail about the calendar itself, it will be publish on lulu.com - and will be available soon (hopefully before the end of 2009) the price will be around 25$.

Some people will think ; it's a bit pricey for a calendar, especially in this time of financial crisis - but this calendar will not be mass produced - so reserved for the true Octobriana fan, ... made in the Petr Sadecky's tradition (actually, the real story of the calendar's project started in a secret base near the city of Minsk where the Russian Colonel Alexej Czsarbakov tried to demonstrate the use of a printed calendar to resolve the root of the financial crisis by selling it to a lost civilization of Alien dolphin living under the former Atlantis .. cf. Mtsyry issue 23).

Final note : Please support the "Octobriana Revolutionar Calendar" and may other similar projects fleurish next year -

Sunday, November 29, 2009

PPP still alive

Last month, I received from Amazon the book that started everything ...

This book, is funny to read, sometime disturbing, sometime scary, many times confusing but always full of surprises.

For example among the unfinished scenarios of Petr Sadecky, he mentions in Mtsyry 12 and 13 dated 1963 the story of the "Okhotoiki an golovami dlya polskov i chekhoslovatskey kompartii" (Headhunter for the Polish and Czech Communist Parties) - which took place in a imagined 1969 (because the script was originally written in 1963), in this alternate universe the Kremlin choose Czechoslovak and Polish Communist Parties to hire and train South American Head Hunters (Jivaro) the plan was to create Havoc in the USA by killing all senators, and politicians - luckily in the meantime Octobriana was preparing a counter attack with Apache and Sioux to eradicate the Jivaro.
While at the same time, in the Czechoslovak government a strong wave of independence was started, causing that later (Nov 1970) the USSR would invade with tanks and helicopters Czechoslovakia. From Petr Sadecky's word "we had little idea that our fantasy would become reality in 1968"

So in the same vein of reality overcoming the fiction - I've discovered recently that a cell of the PPP was still active - and of course I won't give away too many details about it ; since it's still a very secret organization. But fear not, because the new PPP is  completely harmless, peaceful and made of the  strangest and most useless of dreamers, artists, idealist, philosopher etc ... like the original PPP, they wouldn't find their place neither in Communism, nor in the new World order of Capitalism.
And they're still producing some sort of continuation of Mtsyry - the Samizdat (or more likely Tamizdat in this particular case).

First, let me introduce you to the one we would call Mister P - he's the artist (Khudozhnik) in the group
and like many artists, he's very difficult to manage, for example if you want a painting or a drawing for a specific date, you can be sure he's going to be late for at least 2 weeks - and then, suprisingly when you think he has stopped doing any art for good - he would deliver an unwanted art just for fun.
When Mister P was young, his dream was to draw comics - his favourites comics character were (in this particular oder) Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke then getting a little older he went for Natacha, and comics from Moebius, Gotlib, Rozinsky and so on ... when he discovered the x-men he went a bit funny and stayed in his room for 2 days, he thought he developed a special ability - and was able to move objects ... lately, he got involved in some linux projects (openclipart and Wesnoth), and tried to create a heroic fantasy comics from scratch - he called it "Lore of Lorodun" - but got a little confused and disapointed later when he realized the abreviation was LOL. And that nobody would take him seriously. Anyway I'm grateful, that he gave me permission to use some of his paintings, sketches when I launched this blog back in July. And I'm still hoping he would come up sometime with a full page of Octobriana comics ....
His latest project involved translating a comic based on a French Rock band called "Super Funf".

There's also Mr H - but we don't have many news from him, when young he was very much involved in role playing game, and that must have left him with weird ideas. He's a good scenarist, and was a pretty good dungeon master, his problem was that he enjoyed his story so much, he sometime got a bit upset when the players weren't doing what he expected them to do...
He often asked Mr P to create maps, or fantasy art for him - they wanted to start a project together, and then Mr P was asked to deliver some arts and was given deadline, ... big mistake!
Mr H is reading a lot of news, and is always intrigued about the internet meme phenomenon - don't get him started on the Russian meme or narwhal and bacon (?!).
He has a few interesting theories about the internet being the brain of the subconcious World. His sense of humor is a bit "challenging", he's also convinced that some conspiracy are true - for example after watching the Zeitgeist, he was pretty sure the Twin Tower were an inside job ; and he has other strange ideas about politics and evolution of Humanity. Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure we lost contact with Mr H after those rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. Maybe he's climbing the himalaya ?!

Mrs D - she's our muse at the new PPP - and everyone is in love with her, she is the incarnation of Octobriana, except thats she's  a brunette, doesn't have a large eyebrow and she's of Italian descent.
If you'd ask her she  would show where her family originally come by pointing her finger to the talon of her leather boots (because of the shape of Italy). She's also a big fan of the "Twilight" serie - which I believe is a big embarrassment for the other members - but  everyone can forgive everything coming from a good looking girl.
She has never finished school, her english is very approximative - but her accent is fun to hear. And she has many girlfriends, so like Lydia Borisovna (NSFW) of the original PPP - you can define her as a lesbian who occasionnally loved men. Except that she wouldn't come up with such dramatic sentence as "Take off your clothes and we'll try position 143" - not that we wouldn't want her to - but you know these were different times...

And then last, Mr R  (R for Roy), that would be me, I've joined the group in November - just one year, after discovering Octobriana for the first time on an article of the Prague Post. There was a little exam and a secret ceremony to show that I was "worthy" and could be part of the group (involving some home made liquor, I'm sure you get the idea) - but now I'm in charge of trying to put together on facebook and so far has failed miserably - Mr P is against those social group, that to his opinion is a waste of time, Mr H - last time I heard - has developed theory about a World domination that would use social website to control and threaten every members, and finally Mrs D isn't interested at all. My assigned role would be to become the philosoph (filosof) or the writer of the group. And I hope some comics will be produced later - and also a calendar for 2010.

Link to Octobriana and the Russian Underground on Comic Vintage

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who wants to kill Jessie?

Recently I watched a Czech movie called "Who wants to kill Jessie?" ; and what a good surprise.

I won't tell the whole story but very shortly this film made in 1966 similarly to "Who framed Roger Rabbit ?" is introducing comic characters in real life (except that compare to normal person they can only talk via text balloons).

Now the irony is that what actually killed Jessie were 1968 historical events, as explained in the imdb extract below :

Kdo chce zabit Jessii? (1966) - Trivia: "American remake of this film was discussed with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in the roles of Jiri Sovak and Dana Medricka. Juraj Visny, Karel Effa and Olga Schoberova who played Superman, the gunfighter and Jessie in the original version were asked to repeat their roles. The project broke down after the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968."

As a final note. I would suggest to watch the movie opening sequence featuring drawings of the talented Czech artist Kaja Saudek.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Octobriana - experimenting the Social Internet

The social Internet : A Stateless, classless community very similar to Karl Marx description of "pure communism"

Quote from Wikipedia :
Marx argued that capitalism, like previous socioeconomic systems, will inevitably produce internal tensions which will lead to its destruction.[2] Just as capitalism replaced feudalism, he believed socialism will, in its turn, replace capitalism, and lead to a stateless, classless society called pure communism. This would emerge after a transitional period called the "dictatorship of the proletariat": a period sometimes referred to as the "workers state" or "workers' democracy"
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_marx

Here's my first impressions of my recent experience with the "Social Internet" so far :

On Facebook, excellent surprise the Finnish actress of the Octobriana movie, is there and she accepted my friend request - very cool. I'm a big fan, she always crack me up when she says her line "I'm bored already!". I secretly hope that there will be a sequel of this movie (see my previous post about that)
Anyway what can I do on Facebook - I can poke people, (but I'm too shy to do that) ; join group - there was a Octobriana group there, I join immediately - but it seems that nobody is in charge there anymore - the group is now dormant, too bad...
And I could also make friends with other people, like the new cool artists I discovered on Deviantart.

On Deviant Art, I'm always amazed by the amount of brilliant artworks and artists there - so many good stuff, it's unbelievable - I litteraly spend hours everyday browsing and admiring the talent of those guys there. Lately I discovered the delightful Propaganda poster of Domnx - (jaw-dropping graphics), and also hilarious because of the cunning title and little details (the "Hamster Initiative" ?!).

And last (but not least) Twitter, great  way to end the loop - for me Twitter is like fast-blogging ; perfect for unfinished thougt, or for throwing idea like I would do on a notepad, or simply for saving a link during the day in order to watch it later in the evening ...
Image Credit : animated gif by domnx

Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Years ago ... The Fall of Berlin Wall

The spirit of Revolution at his best!
Octobriana would have been dancing all night, I'm sure.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Octobriana and Vampires

Octobriana is a Russian Super Heroine - but what's her super powers ? she can't fly, she can't see through walls, she can't become invisible ... and yet, she is special - because she represents the eternal spirit of Youth and the spirit of Revolution - which means, that she's immortal ; That's why she could be out of the gulag after 30 years and still look stunning.

Forever young and immortal as super power - that's not too shabby !

So where's the connection with Vampires?

Vampires becomes vampire by being bitten by another vampire ... so they are dead, but ironically they become immortal in the process. Living a curse, of having to survive by drinking their victim's blood - not a cool super power!

On higher level of symbolism, we could say that if Octobriana is the force of Revolution, setting people free and protecting the working class - Vampires represents the untouchable upper class, the underground society with the real power over the ordinary people, being driven by the need of killing others to survive. But not only they kill their victims, they're also alienating them by transforming them into monster...

If we push the analogy a little further - we could see an economic system that put profit as the ultimate goal,  putting the environment at stake and pushing people into cheap labor or slavery - generating financial crisis, fear and unemployment as an excuse for Wars, crime and violence ...

Interestingly (as far as I recall) Octobriana fought against robots, giant walrus, baba yaga, zombies and many foes but never fought against Vampires, ... Yet ?!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Geocities is dead. Long live Reocities

Good News Everyone, Octobriana "dead" website on Geocities - is still alive! ; (I tried to save at the very last minutes bits and bits using backupurl.com) and the archive of the internet archive.org also has a copy at http://web.archive.org/web/20000615210726/www.geocities.com/SoHo/Studios/3125/oct-index.html

But an even clever way has been found to put the life back in this dead website (and on most geocities website) - This ultimate way is called "Reocities"
Check Reocities : Octobriana Welcome To Artful Online

So, in case you're accessing a page displaying "Sorry, the GeoCities web site you were trying to reach is no longer available."  the trick is just to change the first letter from G to R - and the broken link becomes alive again!

Try it with this dead link

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Octobriana's controversy : Rebel and Enemy of Communism?

Just to clarify things a bit and make sure there is no confusion whatsoever - this blog is neither pro-communist - (nor pro-capitalist).

I believe (and I hope) humanity will come up with something better - I mean at building an intelligent society the ants are doing fine, there must be a better way for us ...  for the people of all nations, races, beliefs and gender, to live peacefully and respect the environment. Or maybe I'm a dreamer ?!

Giving a super short overview of the Communism era - would be a challenge but let's say it went from a Dream, to a harsh Reality and ended up finally in a Nightmare - for a crash course you could visit the Museum of Communism which incidentally is just organized as "the Dream, the Reality and the Nightmare".

For me Octobriana represents the essence of the "Dream" part - because she's the Spirit of Revolution - the one that was pure, idealistic , Utopian.

This particular theme is presented in the Octobriana's movie (where you can see Octobriana showing a banner with Love and Live written on it for her lover) and in many comics (like the one drawn by Karel Jerie) showing that she was hunted, imprisoned and even tortured. Which means that in fact Octobriana is portrayed as an enemy of communism.

The issue "zero" from Alchemy texts published in September 1996 called "The Legend of Octobriana" by John A. Short is depicting exactly that too : her capture by the Russian while she was in the PPP's cell in Kosice. Her imprisonment in the Dzhelinda prison in Siberia for 30 long years - but since Octobriana has the Eternal Youth, she doesn't need a facelift or plastic surgery to look gorgeous in her (many) returns and that's why her legend is still very much alive.
Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite. 
John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006)

Communism is like prohibition, it's a good idea but it won't work.
Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
Posters credits :  Museum of Communism and kox.sk

Happy Birthday Miss Kardashian

Continuing my selection of Octobriana's "babe" of the week (or OBW) - today I've chosen Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian because it's her Birthday (she was born October 21, 1980)
... I had to add a red star on her forehead - because that would have been a pity if she wouldn't have qualified for the OPPP - (Octobriana's personal posse program).

Happy Birthday Kim!

Picture credit : David Shankbone

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Geocities, Octobriana & 2012

Octobriana ; The Russian Underground: "In the Maya Prophecy Of The 20th Year Of The 11th Ruler, there is written: Zactunlah Pal Tal Ti Caan (The Girl With The White Face Is Coming From The Sky). the prophecy continues: 'Fire will burst from the ends of her fingers. They call her the Avenger. She is the mother of seven red stars'. The Prophecy Of The 20th Year Of The Eighth Ruler says: Enom Chimal, Emo Halal (With her will descend flat shields and arrows)."

 The Prophecy Of The Priest Na Puk Tun says: 'The heavens will flame with lightning and the Earth will burn'. Bin Ka Cikbech, Bin Ka Kanantech (We shall honour you and protect you) ­ the Royal Salute of the Maya Indians to their white ruler.
These original texts are pre-Christian and they give descriptions of the 'Devil Woman', which fit in with those from Arabic or Chinese texts: eyebrows meeting in the middle, with a triangle or a star above them, large breasts on a slim body, a black snake on her wrist, and so on. Most sources agree that Mahari was born the daughter of 'the White Warrior From The Northern Lands' (Jutland), and of a native female ruler, and (here the sources differ) of either the old Indian Harrapa tribe (about 4,000BC) or from the middle of the Ancient Toltec Empire (about 6,000 years ago).
All sources absolutely agree that the baby girl was entrusted to a caste of priests, and when she grew up was subjected to some sort of operation (the most frequently used word is literally 'radiation'), which have her immortality. Mahari is a person of strong emotions, but obviously also of considerable intellect, which leads to tragic conflicts. Her father was a 'noble savage', but her beautiful mother had definite tendencies towards perversion. And their child, in its terrible immortality and loneliness, undergoes a crushing cycle of transformation.
This above is a quite scary extract of Octobriana geocities website

The irony is that "Geocities" is doomed - after October the 26th - Yahoo is closing it down
see announcement

Since that specific page will then disappear I saved it here using the backupurl.com service.
I also submit the whole website to archive.org (hoping it's not too late!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alchemy Texts : Made in America - [part 2]

And here comes the 2nd part - of "Octobriana - Made in America" -

I like the ending, it's a great idea - fighting automatic weapon (m16 if I'm not mistaken) with a French-kiss!

The moral of the story is confirming what we see in Hollywood's films - when the producer get away with outrageous blood baths, preposterous carnage, unnecessary violence and wanton, but get censored because of one scene considered "too sexy" for the public - it always amazes me.

Make Love not War!

Comic Credits : comic reproduced with permission of Craig John(art) and John A Short (text)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alchemy Texts : Made in America - [part 1]

October's Bonus - a comic originally included in the "Life and Death Special" Issue From Alchemy Text published in 2003 - this 3 pages below (second part later this week) is taking place in Vietnam and will depict the "Epic meeting" between the Armageddon Patrol(c) and Octobriana...

Permission to republish this comic was granted by the authors - so again,  a big "Thank You" to Craig John and John A Short.

Second part will follow soon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nice Octobriana on DeviantArt

That poster was created as an entry for one of the Remake/Remodel challenges which took place at the White chapel forums. A few other artists have posted their versions of Octobriana there.

This particular poster is pretty cool, I like the bear in the background and the cigar (undoubtedly from Cuba).

Thanks to the artist Alberto Silva for his permission to post that picture in the blog.
His website is here http://www.steelraining.albertosilva.es/.

DeviantArt (DA - link to my newly created page there) is a true gold mine for Octobriana (that's where I first stumbled upon Craig Jones comics - and later found MaryChain Poster) - very rich, talented and vibrant community.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Octobriana's poll : And the winner is ...

Selected by you - dear readers -  the actress that would be perfect to play Octobriana is officially Ivana Milicevic by 34% (funnily enough Petra Nemcova has scored 0% ; maybe she's too "sweet" for the role).

Full Result :

Ivana is now an official Octobriana's "babe" of the week (or OBW) ... and thanks to her red star on her beret - she's also qualified for the OPPP - (Octobriana's personal posse program).

More about Ivana
on wikipedia
on imdb

Ivana noticeably appeared as a Russian Intelligence Officer (Dasha Fedorovich) in the game Red Alert 3 -see the post here.

There are 2 high-resolution wallpaper (1920x1200) ->here and here -
and Dasha profile here.

It seems that we're never too old for video games.

NB : Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3: Uprising
© 2009 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, the EA logo, Command & Conquer and Red Alert are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Octobriana : Oil Painting and Poster

This illustration below made by "Peileppe Production" is part of an experiment to render a photo into a Painting - you can see the whole project here.

 I think the last effect is quite interesting in just 4 colors :

Credit : Both illustrations are inspired by a photo of the actress Noora Piili which played the main role in the movie "Octobriana & the Finger of Lenin".

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another lost comic : "Sleep to Dream"

Found another Octobriana's lost comic, see low-resolution preview of the page 1 below :

Back to 1997 - Tiger Mountain offered a comic preview called Filling In The Blanks!

The comic, called 'Sleep To Dream', was written by Stuart Taylor and drawn by Dave Roberts. It was supposed to launch a new comic series, around major plot lines from the Revolution Comics mini-series (see Alchemy Texts).

In this comic Octobriana's sidekick was Carl Malone, a 40 year old UFO and conspiracy nut. He was also the writer of "The Conspirator" - a magazine dedicated to UFO, aliens, conspiracy (obviously) and paranormal in general.

Now the interesting part was that - "The aim of the story was to establish Octobriana as a figurehead for the oppressed. Octobriana fights for the ideal that everyone should be free to express their own ideas and philosophies, without fear of oppression." - those were the words of the writer and publisher Stuart Taylor.

Unfortunately neither his mail contact is working  - nor Dave Roberts
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

So I wouldn't be able to get permission to post the comics here - but the online comic is still accessible at >

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Octobriana by Gom on Odosketch

Cool stuff, today not only you get an artwork by the talented French comic artist Gom - but you also get the chance to see his drawing in progress - Thanks to Odosketch

El Che [odosketch]

Bonus sketch "El Che" by Abraao

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Viva Octobriana

This is it - We're now officially in October 2009 - and this month, Octobriana's fan blog is going to be busy finding new artwork all over the Internet  ...

First contribution by Peileppe  - notice the Lada VAZ 2101 - and the cc-by-sa license of this artwork.
NB : Many cliparts (at least 5) were provided by ocal.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Octobriana : Anime version

After the South Park version of Octobriana - If you ever wanted to see an Anime version of Octobriana - check this below

Made with Anime Character Generator

And if you're wondering "Why the Anime Characters looks like that ?" - I recommend this nice article : http://www.cjas.org/2009/04/24/a-second-glance/

Last thing, the New York Anime Festival which is an annual anime convention held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan, is opened from September 25th to 27th, 2009.
NYAF’s Exhibition Hall is open to the public on Friday from 1 PM to 7 PM, Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM, and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM.


Octobriana: Alchemy Texts

Lately, in my quest for Octobriana's comics  - I had the chance to get very valuable documents from Alchemy Texts, and I'm starting to get a clearer view of my favorite Russian Super Heroin (which is really cool!)

Among  all the issues, we discover Octobriana's many enemies, like  the mad scientist Hans Ingersol, the Russian witch Baba Yaga, Mani the Norse God, giant robots, Maiden America etc.. and discover a new meaning for "Sex Bomb" because Octobriana is riding a thermonuclear missile on a few occasions.

And also thanks to the "30th anniversary special" issue - I could get a better view of Octobriana across time - below is a brief "Time Frame" (which I hope is accurate - otherwise please comment)
  • 1971 - Origins - Octobriana and the Russian underground - The living sphinx of the Kamchatka Radiactive Volcano 1934 & Octobriana and the atomic suns of comrade Mao
  • 1979-87 - Bryan Talbot- The adventure of Luther Arkwright
  • 1992 - Larry Welz - Cherry meets Octobriana
  • 1992 - Reima Makinen - Octobriana and the 10th circle of hell
  • 1996-97 - Alchemy Texts, Revolution Comics, Artful Salamander, Evolutionary Comics
  • 1998 - Nikolai Dante : Octobriana Seduction
  • 2001 - Alchemy Texts "30th Anniversary Special" - a must see issue! [1]
  • 2002 - Finnish Movie "Octobriana and the Finger of Lenin"
  • 2003 - Aaargh! Magazine with Karel Jerie
  • 2004 - Alchemy Texts "the 2 certainties of life" and "Made in America"
  • 2007 - Octobriana by Chris Jones ?
  • 2009 - Orlando' comics announced for October  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Octobriana has a posse

Starting from today, I will start to post Octobriana's "babe" of the week (or OBW) - today I've carefully selected a Russian Cheerleader and ... thanks to her red star on her uniform - she's also qualified for the OPPP - (Octobriana's personal posse program).

See more Cheerleaders on these 2 websites below
Russian Cheerleaders
English Russia - Russian Cheerleaders

Photo on the left : credit "Red Army" 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Octobriana : South Park Character version

How Octobriana would look like if she would appear in a South Park Episode ?
I had to investigate this ... and found flash tools to create South Park characters and made these 2 Octobriana below :

Using http://www.sp-studio.de/

As a final note, I would recommend watching the episode South Park : Major Boobage
Why ? Because, it's like watching the 1981 cult classic "Heavy Metal" within South Park, and for the first time in the serie (if I'm not mistaken) Kenny has the lead role!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From Russia with Love

Another great Fan Art and this time  from "Mother Russia", drawing made by "Drew Lenk" for the Czech Magazine AARGH (see previous post)

Original link : drew_lenk: Октябрина для чешского журнала "AARGH"
and a translated version of the Russian blog in English.

Great Work, the design reminds me of J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Dark Princess by Karel Jerie

A nice cover today - from a work by the Czech artist Karel Jerie, an interesting preview of what an Octobriana avenger would look like.

You can notice, the PPP logo on top - that looks a lot like the "DC Comics" logo from 1976 and stands for Petr Sadecky's fictitious political party : the "Progressive Political Pornography".

Noticeable as well, the name "Mr Burian" - which stands for Zdeněk Burian, an hommage to the talented Czech painter that Sadecky plagiarized.

The last name "Bobo the Final" must be an inside joke, from Charles Jerie alias Karel Jerie.

Thanks Karel for this cover.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another lost comic : "The Commie Zombie Dictator from Hell"

Darn, another one ... another Octobriana's comics that got lost - if you've been following this blog you already know I was on the quest to find the Chris Jones comics that looked so promising and is nowhere to be found.

And now this .... A comics with an uncanny title "Octobriana and the Commie Zombie Dictator from Hell" originally found on this website http://www.alchemytexts.com/Oct_Sample_01.html - the 2 first pages got me hooked, and I was really curious about the following pages ...

After some "googling" I could found that the artists (Andy Nixon and Shaun Bryan) have produced some comics under the name Bomb Dolphin Studio - and later I could find Shaun Bryan's Gallery - with a collection of nice illustrations (2 of Octobriana and others definitely NSFW), but unfortunately their mails at bombdolphin.freeserve.co.uk are not working anymore... So, no way to get in touch with them.

Too bad, it seems to be another dead end for this comic .... and I will never know how Octobriana would defeat Lenin's reincarnation as a zombie.

Image credit : Shaun Bryan

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Women: the secret weapon of Red Alert 3

Today I made a little compilation to make a point

Watch Red Alert 3: Soviet Cutscene Theater Pt 2 (HD) Online 

And the final (short one) is the EA official advertisement - with High Quality

Read the youtube's comments too, I like the one talking about "Whoriffic game[sic]" - Red Alert 3 gamers are sort of complaining that their favourite game is moving away from the RTS (Real-time strategy) and moving toward Porn ?! I guess they're right ... you would have hard time to stay focused on a mission when a video of Ivana could pop up anytime ...

Because it's a scientific fact, that men are getting dumber when they see beautiful women ;)
see article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/6132718/Men-lose-their-minds-speaking-to-pretty-women.html

I quote the article :
When a man meets a pretty woman, he is what we call 'reproductively focused
That's why sexy conscripts on the battlefield would totally make sense.
(Sex bombs, not actual bombs ... no injuries, no fatalities, ... everybody wins!)

I rest my case.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot Russian girls (Sasha Dith)

A little treat for you posted at 9h09 on this September, 9th 2009 !

One of the most talked about videos of the year. A Russian military officer is captured and interrogated by a striking lady wearing a full length fur coat and nothing but black lingerie and boots underneath. She is assisted by four hot and dirty lady conscripts.

 Sasha Dith - Russian Girls
Watch Music Videos at www.roxwel.com

Kind of an intense clip - and also a complex message here.
But remember one thing "Make love not War!"

And notice that those sexy conscripts can wash cars too !

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Octobriana: better in 3D

I 'm always amazed when I see talented people making 3D models from 2D sketch (that apply for Poser, Blender or DAZ Studio) - I'm more "old school" and only understand people who can draw and paint on flat surface.

But you have to admit, that there is a certain benefit to render a model in volumes - especially in Octobriana's case,  because the 3D suits her very well...

Full pictures on the following blog and Deviant art page 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Russian Meme - How it works

You may all have seen this "Uncle Sam" poster for recruiting soldier
Now you may also be aware of this Internet Meme
(One of my favorite is "In America you log onto the internet, In Russia the internet logs onto You!")

You may be wondering where this explanation is going ?

Well it's about this post, I felt the need to explain it a bit further, because I tought the joke went a little flat for some reason - while to be honest  having a laugh on the army's account - is always a good sign, a sign that we live in a free country.

Octobriana : Superhero Movies I'd like to See

Octobriana's character is fascinating and would be a real asset for "avant garde" movie producers - symbolizing Revolution, Freedom, the indomitable Youth Spirit - this "Russian Wonder woman" has so many layers ...

And even if she was created in the early 70s ; for some reason today she seems to get a renewal of interests - maybe because our world has changed in a way that freedom and free spirit are now able to express themselves without censure (or is it the opposite? or is it that the gap between the people having free speech and the oppressed people is bigger than ever ?)  

For sure, she would be a unusual super heroine for a movie based on a comic -
Maybe like the "Watchmen" ?

For another point of view on this read the article below (written a little more than a year ago)
Superhero Movies I'd like to See: Radioactive Man, the Tick, Atom Ant and Octobriana - Associated Content 

Now the real question : "Who would be the perfect actress for the casting ?" ... you can still vote  (Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley ;)) and as the article's author (Timothy Sexton) I believe Lucy Lawless would be perfect for the role, but ... I can't change the poll entry.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Octobriana: Chris Jones and the lost comic (update)

Little update to my previous post 
Octobriana Fan's blog: Octobriana: Chris Jones and the lost comic

I forgot to attached the second picture of the Chris Jones set -I want to give thanks to ever3st - (who kindly provided a link to a website to help identifying the picture's source)
Maybe that will help ... the search is still on !

Octobriana : The two certainties of life (part 2)

After the small Animoto interlude -

Like I promised, I'm posting the second part of the "The Return of Octobriana / The two certainties of life"

So don't forget "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Benjamin_Franklin
And again, I want to give a big "Thank You" to both authors (Craig John and John A Short) for giving me permission to republish their comic on my blog.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Octobriana : Animoto Interlude

For fun I created yesterday this little video promoting the blog on Youtube.
First I used Animoto, and the whole preparation took less than 1 hour - there's also a nice feature to publish the animoto clip to Youtube -

So now there is a (new) channel for Octobriana on Youtube -

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Octobriana : The two certainties of life

Some exciting news, Today - I feel privileged  to be able to present to you dears fans,  a 12 pages re-publication of "The Return of Octobriana / The two certainties of life" from the talented artist Craig John, based on a story by John A Short.

[...to be continued]
The next batch will arrive later this week

In the meantime, I would recommend a visit to John A Short website, for his smart review about  Octobriana : http://www.alchemytexts.com/Octobriana.html
You can also visit Craig's website : http://www.craigssketchpad.co.uk/

I also want to give a big "Thank You" to both for giving me permission to republish their comic on my blog.
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