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Octobriana's controversy : Rebel and Enemy of Communism?

Just to clarify things a bit and make sure there is no confusion whatsoever - this blog is neither pro-communist - (nor pro-capitalist).

I believe (and I hope) humanity will come up with something better - I mean at building an intelligent society the ants are doing fine, there must be a better way for us ...  for the people of all nations, races, beliefs and gender, to live peacefully and respect the environment. Or maybe I'm a dreamer ?!

Giving a super short overview of the Communism era - would be a challenge but let's say it went from a Dream, to a harsh Reality and ended up finally in a Nightmare - for a crash course you could visit the Museum of Communism which incidentally is just organized as "the Dream, the Reality and the Nightmare".

For me Octobriana represents the essence of the "Dream" part - because she's the Spirit of Revolution - the one that was pure, idealistic , Utopian.

This particular theme is presented in the Octobriana's movie (where you can see Octobriana showing a banner with Love and Live written on it for her lover) and in many comics (like the one drawn by Karel Jerie) showing that she was hunted, imprisoned and even tortured. Which means that in fact Octobriana is portrayed as an enemy of communism.

The issue "zero" from Alchemy texts published in September 1996 called "The Legend of Octobriana" by John A. Short is depicting exactly that too : her capture by the Russian while she was in the PPP's cell in Kosice. Her imprisonment in the Dzhelinda prison in Siberia for 30 long years - but since Octobriana has the Eternal Youth, she doesn't need a facelift or plastic surgery to look gorgeous in her (many) returns and that's why her legend is still very much alive.
Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite. 
John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - 2006)

Communism is like prohibition, it's a good idea but it won't work.
Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
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  1. Most of all I must confess I’am a Marxist, although in these days that can seem anachronistic for many people.
    Well, this my thinking: Octobriana fights by and in representation of the true Communism.
    Why I am so sure?
    OK, these are my reasons:

    1) First, we must think about the question: What really means the word “Comunism”?
    Karl Mrax said: “Communism is the positive abolition of private property, of human self-alienation, and thus, the real appropriation of human nature, through and for man.”
    “In fact, communism is for us not a STATE OF AFFAIRS which is to be established, an IDEAL to which reality will leave to adjust itself. We call communism the REAL movement which abolishes the present state of things.” (Marx; German Ideology)

    Then, we must compare with the sociopolitical system which were established in the USSR, Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, etc
    Did were destroyed the capitalist relations of production in those States? Certainly no.
    The individual capitalists were replaced by a monstrous impersonal capitalist - the State which exploded and pressed to the masses with the false mask of Communist.
    I mean, when Torquemada and another catholic psychos burn hundreds of protestants, jews, witches and so… he said that he did in the name of Jesus Christ, but ¡Christ never said “Burn your brother”!
    When Stalin killed, jailed and tortured millions of soviet women and men, even old Bolsheviks, he said he did it in the name of Marxism and communism but neither Engels nor Marx wrote a letter about something like Gulag or Siberian camps.
    In the foreword of “Octobriana and the Russian Underground” A. Anatoli Kuznetzov describes like this the system of the Soviet Union:
    “The soviet system of fear, spying an denunciation has warped and depraved whole generations”
    That is to say the Soviet system called communism was just “a rosy fiction of communism” in Kuznetzov terms.
    Taking into mind the previous thing we can happen to the following point

    Petr Sadecky expresses in his book the following words:
    “Some members of PPP…believed…that the principles of the Communist Revolution were absolutely right, that Lenin, had his ideals not been perverted by his power-hungry and bloodthirsty confreres, could really have been what the Communists still persist in claiming what it was -- a 20th Century saviour of mankind and the architect of a better world, from which oppression and exploitation would forever be excluded.”
    This means what the PPP members (and him) think about October Revolution. Stalinism betray the original ideals and objectives of Bolsheviks.
    Octobriana rescue those ideals, the true people’s revolution, the true communism.
    Marx said communism is the extinction of State.
    Stalin construct a police state, a dictatorship where dissidents face the gulag, the psychiatric reclusion or a shot right on the nape in the Lubianka basements.
    In Bolshevik times, the first years, even the bourgeois can get their own soviets.
    Stalin abolishes all free soviets.
    Proletkult promoted the art and the cultrura without restrictions. With Stalin all the free thought was prohibited, only the words of the father Stalin were the Truth.
    Stalin turned to the USSR into an enormous field of work with million enslaved workers, whereas Marx had said that the Comunism in the Comunism would stop being an obligation to become a pleasure.
    The marxism (Comunism) and the stalinismo are so familiar to each other as Jesus Christ and Ratzinger or if it is preferred, between Octobriana and Britney Spears

    Red Star was designed by Trotsky, who lead the left wing of Bolshevik party and was prosecuted and killed by Stalinism in Mexico.
    I think is more than a accident the fact that Octobriana gets the Red Star on her forehead; it’s the rescue of the symbol of true revolution, rescue it of the stalinist perversion put that it in the bombers, the missiles and the caps of the secret police.
    The stalinism is not the successor of the October Revolution but its undertaker.

  3. 3) Sex, antistalinism and Revolution.
    Bolsheviks fight for sexual liberation too. That`s a fact!!! In December 1917, the Soviet regime struck down czarist anti-homosexual laws. This unprecedented act flowed from the course of launching programs and policies aimed at the emancipation of the oppressed female sex. "The relationship of Soviet law to the sexual sphere is based on the principle that the demands of the vast majority of the people correspond to and are in harmony with the findings of contemporary science," wrote Dr. Grigorii Batkis, director of the Moscow Institute of Social Hygiene in his 1923 book, "The Sexual Revolution in Russia."
    The rights of homosexuals were, to a degree, affirmed and protected. The Bolshevik Gregorii Batkis described the attitudes of the new, socialist society in 1923:
    "The present sexual legislation in the Soviet Union is the work of the October revolution. This revolution is important not only as a political phenomenon which secures the political role of the working class, but also for the revolutions which evolving from it reach out into all areas of life... [Soviet legislation] declares the absolute non-involvement of state and society in sexual relations, provided they harm no one and infringe upon no one's interests... Homosexuality, sodomy and various other forms of sexual gratification set forth in European legislation as offences against public morality are treated by Soviet legislation exactly as is so called 'natural' intercourse."
    With the counter revolution under the leadership of Stalin, in March 1934, homosexuality once again became a criminal offence and the Communist (Stalinist) movements of the rest of the world soon followed suit in labeling homosexuality "unsocialist". Stalin denounced homosexuality as the product of the "decadence in the bourgeois sector of society", and even a "fascist perversion".

    Kuznetzov and Sadecky agree in the matter of in the USSR the female breasts only exist officially for the purpose of feeding babies.

    4) Communism has no existed yet. Because is the total negation of capitalism and if capitalism is a world system, communism only can exists destroying capitalism internationally it means in whole the planet.
    Communism destroys the state, not enforce it.
    Communism is social property not state property.
    Communism only will be constructed by the working class, nor by a leader or a party.
    Communism will broken all the chains of human kind, it won’t make new chains.

    In the pages 66 – 67 of “Octobriana and the Russian Underground” there are two draws of an interview between Octobriana and Lenin just before he dies. I think that is what Octobriana represents, the fighting for Revolution until the last breath…
    I can´t imagine an Octobriana anti-communist and that`s why I love the Brian Talbott’s Octobriana, meanwhile the version who fight the Lenin’s mummy looks to my a little bit pro-McDonald`s. I like the Czech “New Octobriana” y her anarcho-communist fashion or the Cherry Jubilee’s version, activist and nymphomaniac. The dutch version of Agent 327 is a little more humoristic and explodes the Stalinist cliché , she`s funny but no my Octo.

    In conclusion, these are my reasons to say OCTOBRIANA IS A COMMIE, A REAL COMMIE…!!!!!


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