Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alchemy Texts : Made in America - [part 1]

October's Bonus - a comic originally included in the "Life and Death Special" Issue From Alchemy Text published in 2003 - this 3 pages below (second part later this week) is taking place in Vietnam and will depict the "Epic meeting" between the Armageddon Patrol(c) and Octobriana...

Permission to republish this comic was granted by the authors - so again,  a big "Thank You" to Craig John and John A Short.

Second part will follow soon


  1. Hello Comrade!!!!!!!

    You're the One and Only!!!!!!
    This comic is awesome, a real treasure!!!!!
    You're the best my friend... Hail to you and hail Octobriana!!!!

  2. Thanks, but all credits goes to Craig John and John A Short - and I confirm, they both rock!


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