Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Let Running dogs lie" pencil pages leak

Little update for a new Octobriana comics in the making "Let Running dogs lie" - a couple of pencil pages have been recently "leaked" (sheesh).

The action (starting here) is taking place inside the Wonder machine and Pro Junior is in deep trouble with Octobriana (almost mimicking the "starbucks" logo) about to spray some (hot) fluids all over him.

And confirming in the process that this comic will be for mature audience only (PPP after all stands for "Progressive Political Pornography").

Artwork credit : John Linton Roberson / facebook profile

Monday, November 22, 2010

PPPUSGT "PPP Underground Story Generator Toolkit"

As promised in the previous post ; here comes the PPPUSGT "PPP Underground Story Generator Toolkit"

And to help you create the 5 pages Octobriana's Underground Adventure - if you can't find a 6 sided dice - here's the link to a virtual one.

Now have fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coming soon the PPPUSGT "PPP Underground Story Generator Toolkit"

Since Octobriana is a public domain character she can be drawn and part of any story written by anybody - no string attached.

A strange idea popped up in the deranged mind of a PPP member to make a Script generator for Octobriana's comics (more or less in the spirit of the original comics of the Russian Underground book) -

Using this script generator anyone could be able to receive a short story ready to be drawn or written (that exercise could become someday a comic challenge (like the 24h comics ... why not ?!).

The Toolkit idea is simple - you throw 5 dices and using the toolkit's tables this will generate a story (7776 possibilities) for a 5 pages comics.

After you get the story, you can tweak it a bit and then it's drawing time (optionally you could restrict yourself to a 5 hours time frame !?)

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Octobriana fan's blog banner

Another little update on the blog : Behold the new long overdue banner featuring the art of Shaun Bryan (already mentioned in the "Octobriana fan's blog" for the "Commie Zombie dictator from Hell" and the (unfortunately) never published 5 pages version of "Octobriana and the Beatles")

If anybody would like to see more of Shaun Bryan's comic-strips (I know I do!),
there are 8 episodes (pages) of his sexy Sci-fi comedy strip 'Cluster & Head'
available only through Facebook, through the Search bar, or this link:

And please ... if you like it, press the 'like' button, because according to the Prof. Hawking there is a significant correlation between the number of Facebook 'Likes' and the probability of Cluster & Head re-entering Earth's digital domain.

Thanks Shaun, looking forward to see more of your comics!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Octobriana 40th Anniversary Calendar (1971-2011)

Finally ... the "Octobriana 40th Anniversary Calendar (1971-2011)"
Art by Gabrielle Noble (Gabby), Roy P. Drakov and Peileppe

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calendar 2011

Good News and more good News.

5 votes in favor of the "Octobriana 40th Anniversary calendar" - no vote against...
Yeah, there's going to be one soon!

Here's a little preview of what's coming ; you probably remember that scene from "The Atomic sun" where Octobriana is running away from a herd of buffaloes :

Friday, October 8, 2010

Octobriana Halloween outfit

It was time for a remake - Halloween is coming, and the last post about Octobriana outfit was a bit old.

Here's the new one :

Octobriana is blond her hair are supported by a scarf (or a leopard skin),  another scarf is used for her bra, she wears a snake bracer on her right arm, cowboy leather boots and a pistol attached to her belt (you can add a second weapon which is a kris), a necklace with shark teeth and a round piece in front of her, optionally she can also have a chain across her body, and a snake-skin pants .

Anyway there's room for improvisation but ... don't forget the red star tattooed on her forehead, and the Russian accent.

Poster made by Peileppe

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Octobriana Calendar 2011

Since 2011 is Octobriana's 40th Anniversary (1971-2011)
A question is open : is an Octobriana Calendar 2011 to be made or not ?

There is a poll on the right side where you can vote ... and you can comment on this post too.

Let's hear some feedback comrades!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pinup Army Girl

Originally found on a Tumblr's stream ; a really fascinating Pinup Poster featuring a Russian Army Girl with a cute little brown bear.

A bigger version, and a second one can be found at Geliografic

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brigitte Bardot, Bardot

Octobriana - Brigitte Bardot by ~octobrianacz on deviantART

This picture above is a proof that indeed the original inspiration for Octobriana was Brigitte Bardot. The original photo of BB used as a reference.

Brigitte Bardot is (like Marylin Monroe) a sex symbol legend (BB is 75 years old now).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Octobriana and Jenny Everywhere by Fesworks can be criticized for being an endless flow of useless messages ...

But when an opportunity of having a drawing by Fes Works was twitted on the 7th of August (I quote) :
fesworks  Taking requests to draw guest comics or art (might also include my own characters). Must email fesworks @ by Monday! (Please RT)
Twitter show it's true value of being an instantaneous way for any artists/creators/writers/superheros/stars/etc... to get in touch with their followers ... So a message with a request for an Octobriana Fan art was sent and Fes delivered a couple of days later the brilliant art above.

Have a look at the post Fesworks - Jenny Everywhere Day and here too.

Thanks Fes for this great Fan Art.

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Let Running dogs lie"

Maybe you remember that article "Let Running dogs lie" where a potential comeback of Octobriana was predicted ? well, good news everyone ... it's on his way.

Yes, Octobriana returns and team up with a veteran porno-actress (Vladrushka Valentinovich Vostok) fighting Dr Mabuse and many others, the author (writer and artist) is John Linton Roberson and we're lucky because he's updating his facebook profile frequently and gives updates (and drawings) on this upcoming project.

Stay tuned ...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adding "Comics and Pictures" Page

Little update - Just above the first posts and below the big banner (that is btw about to be changed!)
You'll see a new couple of links - among them is "Comics and Pictures" where a small compilations of Octobriana's pictures and comics have been added.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

#Octobriana artwork by Gabrielle Noble

After Octobriana in Bikini, and while the whole world seems to be into the FIFA opening ceremony 2010 - We can behold a new artwork of Octobriana back to her roots of fighting evil Nazis in Stalingrad's rubble.

You can find more about Gabrielle on her website (beware NSFW)

Illustration (c) Gabby Noble 2010 (used with permission)

Monday, June 7, 2010

#Octobriana in Bikini

While BP massive oil leak has been sending nearly up to 20000 barrels per day in the Gulf of Mexico for over a month now. And While the financial world is still suffering from the crisis, and we already know we're heading for a chilly summer... and many hopes that 2010 would be a better year than 2009 has been crushed already (I still hope for some change though).

Luckily a little break, a Deviant Art Club is bringing some joy by organizing a "Bikini Beach Beauties Charity Auction", starring (among other Super-Hero) Octobriana in Bikini [NSFW] - notice how the water is crystal clear... (well, who am I kidding ?! nobody is looking at the water).

Credit : Tartanninja (illustration used for this post with his permission) - pay a visit to his page, you won't be disappointed because there are more pictures of Octobriana (posted in scraps as "work in progress")

NB : It's the same artist that made the illustration of #Octobriana's super powers census

Sunday, May 23, 2010

#Octobriana "Let Running dogs lie"

There is apparently another character named "Projunior" that is labeled as "open-source" (his origins are the early 70s underground comics (just like Octobriana) and his creators are giants like Robert Crumb, Don Dohler etc ...) - if you like a refresh on the other open-source characters read the recent post about Octobriana being Public Domain and Jenny Everywhere.

But wait there's more ... maybe a new comic "Octobriana - our beloved revolutionary sweetheart in "Let Running dogs lie" (but don't get overexcited because the project below is dated back to February 2007).

Quote from JLRoberson :

It might be an interesting equivalent of a crossover if a whole bunch of indie[independent] cartoonists on the web did a story each(not necessarily connected) over a period of time having her somehow come into the lives of their own regular characters, if they have them, for a bit. I already have an idea along those lines.
 For more details jump back to The Comics Journal Message Board :: View topic - octobriana


Illustration credit : JLRoberson - used with permission.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

#Octobriana little poster

The picture in that old post  titled "In Russia, the Army joins you!" inspired our Khudozhnik this poster below - the message is the same and is still relevant - Let's have a wonderful dream tonight, by imagining an army of sexy female soldiers marching and chanting "Make love, not war!".

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Octobriana is "Public Domain" - what does that mean exactly ?

The last post  was an attempt to list Octobriana's super powers - but one is missing ... a very specific attribute inherited by a people's "Super Heroine" - yep, there's one more, and it defines exactly what's so special about Octobriana - she's a  public domain character - and that beats the crap out of all the super mutants that have a copyright or a brand tattooed on their back.

See, when artists are drawing fan art for "Power Girl(c)", "Wonder woman(c)", "Wolverine(c)", "Storm(c)" etc ... they have to add something like "This character belongs to DC Comics" or  "This character belongs to Marvel Comics" - Why ? because "Power Girl(c)", "Superman(c)" etc ... are like merchandises with a DRM implanted in their very core. That is not necessarily a bad thing, since only their legal owner (and nobody else) can exploit the character and do whatever he wants with the story of their merchandise, so that keep a continuity in their adventure.

And that explains why Octobriana have been reinvented (more or less with the same attributes) by many artists interested in implementing her in their new adventures (see Octobriana comics Timeline). Since she's free - or belong to the Public domain, there's no string attached.

Now you may be wondering why Octobriana is public domain ?  well, it has something to do with the fact that her creation is an hoax - she was invented by Petr Sadecky (but in fact created by other artists (Bohumil Konecny and Zdenek Burian) under the name Amazona) - and secondly Sadecky pretended that Octobriana was the product of an Russian underground party (PPP) therefor she belongs to nobody in particular.

That doesn't mean that anyone can re-use Octobriana's illustration from the book "Octobriana and the Russian Underground" or drawing made by Shaun Bryan (like the picture used in this post) - Octobriana as a character is public domain, but all artworks, scripts, movies and story are protected by copyright.

Another instance of  a similar heroine is Jenny Everywhere, but an artist who wants to "use" Jenny has to add a little paragraph ; since she's labeled as an "Open Source" character - you can read details about it on this website Who is Jenny Everywhere? and read this very interesting page  "in search of jenny everywhere"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

#Octobriana's super powers census

Lately in an attempt to write down the Comic Vine entry related to Octobriana - little research had to be made to list all Octobriana's super powers (a sort of census).

From Petr Sadecky's book "Octobriana and the Russian Underground" in her 2 adventures she's presented as immortal (or Eternal) - and can show some swimming, fighting, wrestling skills, riding skills with various beasts (pterodactyl, buffalo, camel etc ... ), and time travel ability (because of the Wonder Machine)

- Weapon Master (with pistols and dagger)
- Time Travel (because of the Wonder Machine)
- Riding skill (maybe animal control ?!)
- Immortality (?!)

In the adventure of Luther Arkwright Octobriana is reading Tarot cards, seduces Luther (or try to), she's mentioning that she's leading a little army (freedom fighters) in Russia  and again demonstrates great fighting skills (against the disruptors)

That adds to the list :
- Occultism / Fortune telling (?)
- Sex Appeal (obviously)
- Leadership

From the movie "Octobriana and the Finger of Lenin" we could add (or confirm) :
- Weapons skills
- Resistance to pain (torture)

Then  the latest "bio & stats" addition (from Deviant Art) is giving some more :

- Empathy (maybe the political message ?)
- Enhance strength (totally make sense)
- Hypnotic voice (a new one - meant to control people)
- Invulnerability to cold (and for a Russian super hero that is a must!)
- Expert marksman (precision shooting)
and last but not least
- Regeneration (similar to the X-Man Wolverine ability, I guess)

The sources used :
Who's Octobriana? by *tartanninja on deviantART
Bryan Talbot old site (very detailed "role playing character sheet" in the "Gurps" section) Octobriana entry (still in progress)

The picture of "Octobriana's character sheet" is by Tartanninja (used for this post with permission) - Thanks Comrade ;)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

#Octobriana / #Amazona movie adaptation

According to a British film site (Revolution Films) an adaptation of the Octobriana comic is in preparation - it will features "Amazona" becoming "Octobriana" ; the story of an Amazon becoming a passionate fighter for true communism.

According to unconfirmed reports which had initially portray the title role to "Lucia Borhyová", it appears that the  heroine will finally be played by Anna Falchi (check the picture above - wow!), the Italian model of Finnish origin.

The film, according to its makers will offer plenty of dramatic action and women's curves.
Source  :

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Webcomic Beacon #111 – Octobriana

Last week, there was a recording session, the topic was Octobriana (see previous post).

Following this podcast, I thought it would be useful to have a dedicated page retracing the comics time line of Octobriana's publication from the 70s until now - you'll find this new page  above the headline (just below the banner).

NB: I still can't find more information about the Chris Jones comics - (only 3 pictures) ?!

Of course if you find any mistakes on this page, you're very welcome to comment.

The podcast (mp3) is available at The Webcomic Beacon

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#Octobriana and the #Beatles

Hello, dear reader - this is Roy, with some updates :

Last Sunday around 1am our artist (Mr P or Peileppe) had the privilege to join a podcast about Octobriana hosted by Fes Works at the Webcomic Beacon ; the main topic was Steve Orlando's new comic (see previous post) - the podcast will be available soon there so stay tuned.

Anyway I would have been glad to participate but it was too late for me - Peileppe was kind enough to volunteer and he told me afterwards a bit of what was told during the session.

There was a lot of cool anecdotes about Petr Sadecky and Peileppe mentioned the art of Shaun Bryan (thinking there already was a post about him in the blog- since we've stumbled upon Shaun's website back in January 2010).

But except a few comments on facebook, and twitter ... there never was a proper post here - until now.

But it's something that can be fixed easily - here goes :

Shaun Bryan reached awesomeness in this comic featuring "Octobriana, Petr Sadecky & the Beatles" based on script by John A. Short -  that (unfortunately) was never published (because of a missing page 4 ?!) -

But rejoice the remaining 5 pages can be find on Shaun's website here.

NB : There is a variation of this comic with the same funny title "if you remembered the 60s, then you weren't really there" that was published in the Octobriana "30th anniversary special" - same script but with a different artist.

Illustration of "Octobriana experiencing a sugar rush" - credit : Shaun Bryan
Used with permission (Thanks Shaun)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bryan Talbot and #Octobriana

As far as I know Bryan Talbot was the first to relaunch Octobriana on the comic scene in the 80s - after the first publication of "Octobriana and the Russian underground" in the 70s (1971) by Petr Sadecky ... John A. Short was the second one with his limited series of Revolution comics back in the 90s and many others followed (Larry Weltz, Karel Jerie ...)  until the recent comic in preparation by Steve Orlando.

Therefor in my quest of gathering Octobriana comics ; I had to have a look. But Bryan Talbot being a very productive author - the challenge for me was to find Octobriana in all his books with his main character Luther Arkwright.
I didn't want to purchase books where she wouldn't appeared (not that I have anything against Luther of course, but ... my main focus is Octobriana).
Now there was some "out-of-stock" publication that had Octobriana on the cover with "Firefrost" in the title, and that's where I contacted James Robertson and asked simply where could I be sure to get all the books where Octobriana appeared in the Adventures of Luther Arkwright.

His answer was simple and smart - I quote "check out the Heart of Empire CD-Rom: it has ALL of Arkwright on it, as well as the sequel Heart of Empire for only 12GBP! - the info for it is here: "

The payment process is made through Paypal and a couple of days later I had the cd.

Here's what you get in the package :

Now, I was a bit puzzled browsing through the cd - and couldn't easily find Octobriana there - since it's a collection of html (1724 files) and jpg (1487 files)  ; at first I wished it would be organized as a wiki (allowing search on multiple pages) and the comics would be in pdf format (would be then possible to have 2 pages on screen and easier to browse) ... but after a while I figured how it was organized and got fine, I think the format chosen by James made sense for compatibility purposes.

Anyway long story short - there is the first page, where you'll find Octobriana on the cd :

That's "cd/arkwright/two/colour37.html"

Now the funny style of the cd - (it has many surprises) - intrigued me and the story depicted by Bryan is quite dark and wicked (also for mature audience) - making his hero Luther an interesting character who fights against disruptors and can navigate through parallel universes - (no wonder that Octobriana fell for this guy).

The 30 pages magazine provided with the cd contains the 7 pages of the first adventure of Luther (from 1976) "The papist affair" and get you in the tone immediately since it has semi-naked nuns fighting along with Luther against a crazy bishop which started to disrupt this particular universe - a few other articles follow and even a role playing game scenario is there.

Underground comics as it finest hour.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exciting comic on Kickstarter #octobriana

They're back (read my previous post)

More details on this exciting and promising comic "Octobriana and the strike of the contagious brain" :

  1. The author "Steve Orlando" is very knowledgeable - (he even wrote a Thesis on Octobriana)
  2. The drawing is done by Chaz Truog - check some samples of his work on Steve's blog 
  3. You can read some more about this project here and here.
  4. And last but not least you can be part of the adventure, since the project is posted on Kickstarter
There's a dead line, though ... 81 days (as of this post's date) - (I understand that's part of the Kickstarter process) - the bottom line is this project will only be funded if at least $5,262 is pledged by may 24, 2010.

Friday, January 15, 2010

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