Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Octobriana: Does she looks like a bolshevik?

Since there are many versions of Octobriana out there, I figured it would be funny to go back to her origin and with a little drawing put some of her characteristics.

So Octobriana is blond with massive hairs arranged vertically, more importantly she has a red star tattooed on her forehead, (I guess if there is only one thing to represent her it has to be this Red Star) - she also have a large eyebrow (because of her Mongolian/Amazonian descent - her father was a shaman from the Amazon/Mongolia, and her mother a Russian scientist?!) ; then optionally a very tight bra, a chain across her body, a bracer in a shape of a snake (maybe alive?), a green snakeskin pants, cowboy leather boots and pistol, also finally a primitive necklace with dozen of large sharp teeth (which I think is also a device to detect atomic radiation ...)

NB : Picture above was created from scratch by Peileppe


  1. In fact, Sadecky wrotes that her father was a barbarian king and her mother a toltec princess, so, she's half mexican hahaha. Greetings

  2. Yep, I should have read your post on Oktyabrina's origin ;) in your forum.


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