Thursday, August 20, 2009

Elizabeth Berkley as Octobriana

Maybe you didn't notice but there's a poll on the upper right of the blog, the question is quite exciting -

I know that Noora Piili has played the role of Octobriana in the movie "Octobriana & the Finger of Lenin" (posted here) - and also that Amanda Lear was also asked to be Octobriana in a movie that was never done (unfortunately)...

But let say that another movie would be made - who would be (or would have been) the best actress for the role of Octobriana ?

I have voted for Elizabeth Berkley - if you have seen her in "Showgirls" you probably understand why I voted for her ;)

And one last interesting fact : Octobriana is spelled "Oktyabrina" in Russian - Credits to Rockambole for this information.

1 comment:

  1. what about Victoria Silvstedt - she would be great as Octobriana!


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