Saturday, August 1, 2009

El Che Investigating a Legend

Exceptionally today, this post won't be directly about Octobriana, but to a very real man representing the spirit of Revolution with a big R (and also controversy).

A man that is too often only a mono chromatic face on a t-shirt and unfortunately not well known, so if you have 1hour 35mn to spare, I would recommend you to watch this video retracing his life, and discover what means integrity in a man, a true believer of freedom.

You can also have a look afterward, to this Top 10 things people don't know about El Che.

I didn't know he was suffering from asthma, and went to Ireland and later to Prague (so in theory, he could have met Octobriana's spiritual father (Petr Sadecky)).

Also as a side note, (I wonder how El Che would react to this) his grand daughter Lydia, made the headline recently by posing naked for Peta.

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