Friday, June 8, 2012


As a reminder you'd be glad to know that there is another Octobriana comics in gestation and it should probably get in a completely different direction - A little Trina Robbins quote to tease the audience :
"It made us the first women to draw and write Octobriana. A number of guys have done her, and as always they've done her very badly!"

Is the War of the sexes starting all over again ...

Planet Karen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let Running dogs lie

It looks like there is a new Octobriana comics seriously in progress - after the pencil pictures leak back in December 2010 ; there was a long silence ... but then out of the blue came a full colored page.

Here's only an extract - because the full page content is NSFW

What we know so far about the story is that it involves Pro Junior, a Siberian veteran porno-actress (Vladrushka Valentinovich Vostok), and a couple of villains (Dr Mabuse ?! the Dark Ones ?! )

For more details you will have to jump back to February 2007 at

You might be surprised to see Octobriana so tanned, but that's on purpose, after all she's half Slavic/half Toltec (her father was a Slavic Barbarian king and her mother a Toltec Queen) - the author John Linton Roberson had in mind how Beyonce would look if she has been drawn by the underground comics legend Robert Crumb.

Now the fact, that Octobriana in the picture is talking about "Cock for the Revolution" has nothing to do with enrolling chicken, rooster or cockerel in her army of Freedom Fighters ... this could upset the Femen, but Octobriana is playing the flute on Pro Junior and this is basically how the story starts.

Artwork credit : John Linton Roberson / facebook profile
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