Monday, January 17, 2011

Octobriana and the Mummy

PPP Toolkit in Action, last week dices were rolled and the result was 1-4-4-5-3 ; Here is the result :

Returning to the original adventures invented by Petr Sadecky, using more or less the same pattern as 'The living sphinx of the Kamchatka radioactive volcano, 1934' or 'Octobriana and the Living suns of Comrade Mao' - in this 5 pages comics the action takes place in an exotic city were a mummy is rising from her tomb, while Octobriana riding her pterodactyl (nicknamed Pepsi) will save the day.

Hopefully there will be more, maybe a monthly samizdat ?!

PS : The Samizdat "14453" was generated with the PPP toolkit.
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