Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More artworks

Octobriana black and red by ~octobrianacz on deviantART

Octobriana Chibi by ~Ikonoklasta on deviantART

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Octobriana rise from the ground

Octobriana - underground komik by ~octobrianacz on deviantART

Thursday, June 10, 2010

#Octobriana artwork by Gabrielle Noble

After Octobriana in Bikini, and while the whole world seems to be into the FIFA opening ceremony 2010 - We can behold a new artwork of Octobriana back to her roots of fighting evil Nazis in Stalingrad's rubble.

You can find more about Gabrielle on her website http://gabbyscomics.blogspot.com/ (beware NSFW)

Illustration (c) Gabby Noble 2010 (used with permission)

Monday, June 7, 2010

#Octobriana in Bikini

While BP massive oil leak has been sending nearly up to 20000 barrels per day in the Gulf of Mexico for over a month now. And While the financial world is still suffering from the crisis, and we already know we're heading for a chilly summer... and many hopes that 2010 would be a better year than 2009 has been crushed already (I still hope for some change though).

Luckily a little break, a Deviant Art Club is bringing some joy by organizing a "Bikini Beach Beauties Charity Auction", starring (among other Super-Hero) Octobriana in Bikini [NSFW] - notice how the water is crystal clear... (well, who am I kidding ?! nobody is looking at the water).

Credit : Tartanninja (illustration used for this post with his permission) - pay a visit to his page, you won't be disappointed because there are more pictures of Octobriana (posted in scraps as "work in progress")

NB : It's the same artist that made the illustration of #Octobriana's super powers census
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