Sunday, April 18, 2010

#Octobriana's super powers census

Lately in an attempt to write down the Comic Vine entry related to Octobriana - little research had to be made to list all Octobriana's super powers (a sort of census).

From Petr Sadecky's book "Octobriana and the Russian Underground" in her 2 adventures she's presented as immortal (or Eternal) - and can show some swimming, fighting, wrestling skills, riding skills with various beasts (pterodactyl, buffalo, camel etc ... ), and time travel ability (because of the Wonder Machine)

- Weapon Master (with pistols and dagger)
- Time Travel (because of the Wonder Machine)
- Riding skill (maybe animal control ?!)
- Immortality (?!)

In the adventure of Luther Arkwright Octobriana is reading Tarot cards, seduces Luther (or try to), she's mentioning that she's leading a little army (freedom fighters) in Russia  and again demonstrates great fighting skills (against the disruptors)

That adds to the list :
- Occultism / Fortune telling (?)
- Sex Appeal (obviously)
- Leadership

From the movie "Octobriana and the Finger of Lenin" we could add (or confirm) :
- Weapons skills
- Resistance to pain (torture)

Then  the latest "bio & stats" addition (from Deviant Art) is giving some more :

- Empathy (maybe the political message ?)
- Enhance strength (totally make sense)
- Hypnotic voice (a new one - meant to control people)
- Invulnerability to cold (and for a Russian super hero that is a must!)
- Expert marksman (precision shooting)
and last but not least
- Regeneration (similar to the X-Man Wolverine ability, I guess)

The sources used :
Who's Octobriana? by *tartanninja on deviantART
Bryan Talbot old site (very detailed "role playing character sheet" in the "Gurps" section) Octobriana entry (still in progress)

The picture of "Octobriana's character sheet" is by Tartanninja (used for this post with permission) - Thanks Comrade ;)

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  1. The list of abilities posted in the image were meant to reflect her ability to connect and be connected to the people of Russia. Below is a clarification of the thoughts behind some of the abilities that were in question.

    Empathy, if she is 'of the people' she would have a sense of how they feel. With this she could soothe Russia or lead the people to revolution.

    Hypnotic Voice, this wasn't meant to be about control. It was more meant as a way to compliment her Empathy. To be able to soothe the people or move them to revolution.

    Regeneration, the people of Russia are very hearty and strong. The idea was that she could draw upon that strength to be able to heal herself and continue the fight for the people.

    I hope this shed some light on the though process put into the 'stats image'.


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