Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Monday, December 26, 2022

Octobriana vs the Robot 53121

This is a great Xmas present 

Here is the new 5 pages comics  by Clifford 

Following the previous episode, Octobriana is now in a swamp trying to locate an evil AI (artificial Intelligence)

The comic labelled 'Octobriana adventure 53121' was scheduled early 2023, 

So happy, it arrived earlier, this is the best present ever!

The comic artist Clifford is imitating the old comic style of the 1970s.

In this new 5 pages the action takes place in a swamp where an evil AI battle droid is probably lost, while Octobriana is rushing in with her motorcycle to save the day (or maybe not).

PS : This new Samizdat "53121" was generated with the PPP toolkit.

A Merry Christmas!