Saturday, October 31, 2015

Candide2 featuring Octobriana

Another October treat, a nice surprise from Czech ground
this month Karel Jerie has published "Candide 2" this little gem that is featuring Octobriana not as the principal character, but nevertheless she appears a lot in the album.

"Octobriana: The Underground History"

This is the last day of October, and as I promised to John A. Short here is my review for his masterpiece
"Octobriana: The Underground History"

John A. Short did a wonderful job, it is by far the most detailed and complete search I've seen - The book is 116 pages packed with Octobriana illustrations and references - it is a must have for all Octobriana fan, may I say it again ?
A Must have!

Reading the book, I could see the passion John has for Octobriana, in his effort to compile all the various traits of Octobriana into a comics that makes sense.
The other great thing about the book is that John has planted a lot of "opening" for new stories to come...

Just buy the book, you won't regret it - there are 300 copies only, don't wait!

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