Thursday, August 6, 2009

Octobriana : 100% Czech - but she's Russian right ?

Above is the back cover of the Aargh! Magazine (mentioned in the previous post) - and this page symbolizes pretty much Octobriana's background story - the upper left picture is from Bohumil Konecny, and the others are from Zdenek Burian - the guy who took credit for this work was Petr Sadecky, the publisher is/was Tom Stacey (hence the below copyright).

All these artists are 100% Czech, and Octobriana (formerly Amazon[i]a?!) is Russian ... I told you already ... Those people from Czech Republic have the creativity and the talent!

This article on Stripburek - Czech Comics by Tomas Prokupek is giving a nice overview of the Czech comics (komiks) in general, and a paragraph about Octobriana, very insightful.

NB : Art in this post is (c) Tom Stacey and also (c) Aargh!

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