Saturday, August 22, 2009

Octobriana: Good news everyone

Always scanning for upcoming news related to Octobriana - I just found this fantastic news :

An upcoming 4 issue mini-series from Atomic Pop Art Entertainment is in preparation as we speak - and will be ready in October 2009 (good choice).

Yes, Octobriana is back!

The story will take place in 1968 (again). And will involve a "plague" that turn lovers into deadly zombie, and Octobriana (here depicted as a "sex Goddess") will save the day - bottom line, this comic will be for a mature audience.

The authors are Steve Orlando of Outlaw Territory and Chaz Truog of DC/Vertigo's Animal Man (I like his drawing style - he's good, check his drawing of Red Sonja)

The tag line : "She fights for her birthright. She fights for your heart."

Read more in About Octobriana - Forums
And you can already enjoy a 4 pages of the comic Preview [NSFW]

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