Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mosquito Coast, tale of a genius inventor

Another post, not directly related to Octobriana, (but I promised the next one will definitely be about her - In fact, I have one surprise for you readers coming soon next week - a comic magazine I've been looking for, is on his way).

Anyway, back to my current post, the movie "Mosquito Coast" based on the book by Paul Theroux (which I had read long time ago, but never had seen the movie).

The movie is very close to the book (to what I remembered from the book) the selection of actors is brilliant (River Phoenix and Harrison Ford, what a treat!) - I won't tell the whole story here, but it's a very interesting subject, about a genius (and stubborn) Allie Fox unable to accept to follow the crowd, will go against all odds, to build his own vision of a perfect society in South America (acting a bit like a selfish bastard toward his family in the meantime).

The only thing, that puzzle me is the giant fridge (?! that supposed to represent the ultimate invention...) ; but I guess this fridge is just a symbol. This story, somehow reminded me of El Che Guevara (see previous post), fighting with his small group of soldier in the Bolivia's jungle ... maybe that's because it ends badly for both.

  • The movie has been posted on youtube here
  • More information on the movie can be found on wikipedia here
  • Paul Theroux's book can be found on Amazon here

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  1. Instead of a giant fridge he might have created a giant windmill like in this article - that would have been more useful ;)


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