Friday, October 8, 2010

Octobriana Halloween outfit

It was time for a remake - Halloween is coming, and the last post about Octobriana outfit was a bit old.

Here's the new one :

Octobriana is blond her hair are supported by a scarf (or a leopard skin),  another scarf is used for her bra, she wears a snake bracer on her right arm, cowboy leather boots and a pistol attached to her belt (you can add a second weapon which is a kris), a necklace with shark teeth and a round piece in front of her, optionally she can also have a chain across her body, and a snake-skin pants .

Anyway there's room for improvisation but ... don't forget the red star tattooed on her forehead, and the Russian accent.

Poster made by Peileppe

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