Monday, November 15, 2010

New Octobriana fan's blog banner

Another little update on the blog : Behold the new long overdue banner featuring the art of Shaun Bryan (already mentioned in the "Octobriana fan's blog" for the "Commie Zombie dictator from Hell" and the (unfortunately) never published 5 pages version of "Octobriana and the Beatles")

If anybody would like to see more of Shaun Bryan's comic-strips (I know I do!),
there are 8 episodes (pages) of his sexy Sci-fi comedy strip 'Cluster & Head'
available only through Facebook, through the Search bar, or this link:

And please ... if you like it, press the 'like' button, because according to the Prof. Hawking there is a significant correlation between the number of Facebook 'Likes' and the probability of Cluster & Head re-entering Earth's digital domain.

Thanks Shaun, looking forward to see more of your comics!

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