Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#Octobriana and the #Beatles

Hello, dear reader - this is Roy, with some updates :

Last Sunday around 1am our artist (Mr P or Peileppe) had the privilege to join a podcast about Octobriana hosted by Fes Works at the Webcomic Beacon ; the main topic was Steve Orlando's new comic (see previous post) - the podcast will be available soon there so stay tuned.

Anyway I would have been glad to participate but it was too late for me - Peileppe was kind enough to volunteer and he told me afterwards a bit of what was told during the session.

There was a lot of cool anecdotes about Petr Sadecky and Peileppe mentioned the art of Shaun Bryan (thinking there already was a post about him in the blog- since we've stumbled upon Shaun's website back in January 2010).

But except a few comments on facebook, and twitter ... there never was a proper post here - until now.

But it's something that can be fixed easily - here goes :

Shaun Bryan reached awesomeness in this comic featuring "Octobriana, Petr Sadecky & the Beatles" based on script by John A. Short -  that (unfortunately) was never published (because of a missing page 4 ?!) -

But rejoice the remaining 5 pages can be find on Shaun's website here.

NB : There is a variation of this comic with the same funny title "if you remembered the 60s, then you weren't really there" that was published in the Octobriana "30th anniversary special" - same script but with a different artist.

Illustration of "Octobriana experiencing a sugar rush" - credit : Shaun Bryan
Used with permission (Thanks Shaun)

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