Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coming soon the PPPUSGT "PPP Underground Story Generator Toolkit"

Since Octobriana is a public domain character she can be drawn and part of any story written by anybody - no string attached.

A strange idea popped up in the deranged mind of a PPP member to make a Script generator for Octobriana's comics (more or less in the spirit of the original comics of the Russian Underground book) -

Using this script generator anyone could be able to receive a short story ready to be drawn or written (that exercise could become someday a comic challenge (like the 24h comics ... why not ?!).

The Toolkit idea is simple - you throw 5 dices and using the toolkit's tables this will generate a story (7776 possibilities) for a 5 pages comics.

After you get the story, you can tweak it a bit and then it's drawing time (optionally you could restrict yourself to a 5 hours time frame !?)

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