Sunday, November 29, 2009

PPP still alive

Last month, I received from Amazon the book that started everything ...

This book, is funny to read, sometime disturbing, sometime scary, many times confusing but always full of surprises.

For example among the unfinished scenarios of Petr Sadecky, he mentions in Mtsyry 12 and 13 dated 1963 the story of the "Okhotoiki an golovami dlya polskov i chekhoslovatskey kompartii" (Headhunter for the Polish and Czech Communist Parties) - which took place in a imagined 1969 (because the script was originally written in 1963), in this alternate universe the Kremlin choose Czechoslovak and Polish Communist Parties to hire and train South American Head Hunters (Jivaro) the plan was to create Havoc in the USA by killing all senators, and politicians - luckily in the meantime Octobriana was preparing a counter attack with Apache and Sioux to eradicate the Jivaro.
While at the same time, in the Czechoslovak government a strong wave of independence was started, causing that later (Nov 1970) the USSR would invade with tanks and helicopters Czechoslovakia. From Petr Sadecky's word "we had little idea that our fantasy would become reality in 1968"

So in the same vein of reality overcoming the fiction - I've discovered recently that a cell of the PPP was still active - and of course I won't give away too many details about it ; since it's still a very secret organization. But fear not, because the new PPP is  completely harmless, peaceful and made of the  strangest and most useless of dreamers, artists, idealist, philosopher etc ... like the original PPP, they wouldn't find their place neither in Communism, nor in the new World order of Capitalism.
And they're still producing some sort of continuation of Mtsyry - the Samizdat (or more likely Tamizdat in this particular case).

First, let me introduce you to the one we would call Mister P - he's the artist (Khudozhnik) in the group
and like many artists, he's very difficult to manage, for example if you want a painting or a drawing for a specific date, you can be sure he's going to be late for at least 2 weeks - and then, suprisingly when you think he has stopped doing any art for good - he would deliver an unwanted art just for fun.
When Mister P was young, his dream was to draw comics - his favourites comics character were (in this particular oder) Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke then getting a little older he went for Natacha, and comics from Moebius, Gotlib, Rozinsky and so on ... when he discovered the x-men he went a bit funny and stayed in his room for 2 days, he thought he developed a special ability - and was able to move objects ... lately, he got involved in some linux projects (openclipart and Wesnoth), and tried to create a heroic fantasy comics from scratch - he called it "Lore of Lorodun" - but got a little confused and disapointed later when he realized the abreviation was LOL. And that nobody would take him seriously. Anyway I'm grateful, that he gave me permission to use some of his paintings, sketches when I launched this blog back in July. And I'm still hoping he would come up sometime with a full page of Octobriana comics ....
His latest project involved translating a comic based on a French Rock band called "Super Funf".

There's also Mr H - but we don't have many news from him, when young he was very much involved in role playing game, and that must have left him with weird ideas. He's a good scenarist, and was a pretty good dungeon master, his problem was that he enjoyed his story so much, he sometime got a bit upset when the players weren't doing what he expected them to do...
He often asked Mr P to create maps, or fantasy art for him - they wanted to start a project together, and then Mr P was asked to deliver some arts and was given deadline, ... big mistake!
Mr H is reading a lot of news, and is always intrigued about the internet meme phenomenon - don't get him started on the Russian meme or narwhal and bacon (?!).
He has a few interesting theories about the internet being the brain of the subconcious World. His sense of humor is a bit "challenging", he's also convinced that some conspiracy are true - for example after watching the Zeitgeist, he was pretty sure the Twin Tower were an inside job ; and he has other strange ideas about politics and evolution of Humanity. Thinking about it, I'm pretty sure we lost contact with Mr H after those rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. Maybe he's climbing the himalaya ?!

Mrs D - she's our muse at the new PPP - and everyone is in love with her, she is the incarnation of Octobriana, except thats she's  a brunette, doesn't have a large eyebrow and she's of Italian descent.
If you'd ask her she  would show where her family originally come by pointing her finger to the talon of her leather boots (because of the shape of Italy). She's also a big fan of the "Twilight" serie - which I believe is a big embarrassment for the other members - but  everyone can forgive everything coming from a good looking girl.
She has never finished school, her english is very approximative - but her accent is fun to hear. And she has many girlfriends, so like Lydia Borisovna (NSFW) of the original PPP - you can define her as a lesbian who occasionnally loved men. Except that she wouldn't come up with such dramatic sentence as "Take off your clothes and we'll try position 143" - not that we wouldn't want her to - but you know these were different times...

And then last, Mr R  (R for Roy), that would be me, I've joined the group in November - just one year, after discovering Octobriana for the first time on an article of the Prague Post. There was a little exam and a secret ceremony to show that I was "worthy" and could be part of the group (involving some home made liquor, I'm sure you get the idea) - but now I'm in charge of trying to put together on facebook and so far has failed miserably - Mr P is against those social group, that to his opinion is a waste of time, Mr H - last time I heard - has developed theory about a World domination that would use social website to control and threaten every members, and finally Mrs D isn't interested at all. My assigned role would be to become the philosoph (filosof) or the writer of the group. And I hope some comics will be produced later - and also a calendar for 2010.

Link to Octobriana and the Russian Underground on Comic Vintage


    Now you got our Bible, our Manifesto, enjoy it.

    Well, in fact I think the new PPP is now international. In Mexico we have one cell of it, the PPP Mexican Section of course.

    The Cell was integrated by Cunnilingus, the artist of the group, the one who has the spark in his hands. He admires Che Guevara, Joaquín Sabina and Txus (Mago de Oz drummer) among others. Obssesed with vampirism and Batman he's unhappy to make the ferocious face of Octobriana because he prefers a Paris Hilton face. He likes hentai (who don't?).

    Dr. Dead is another integrant of this process. He prefers the animal company to human company but neverthless he loves human race. His motto is "I want to see the world on fire".

    Lady Dragon, my personal Octobriana sorry, but everything she is its just for me ;).

    And Ikonoklasta, a pseudoanarchistcommunistoid and the firs in this toltec country who cares about the She Devil. Revolution is my second name and I hate furry and yaoi hahaha.

    Everyone of us is leftist commies of XXI century, we salute our brothers of PPP in Prague.

    By the way ¡I have the Octobriana comics from John A short! Now my quest is for issues 00 and 01.

  2. Hey Roy!!!:

    Have you seen the Clash Comic Web??? They're gonna make an Octobriana Online Comic.
    Isn't it cool????

    I wanna see it.


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