Sunday, December 13, 2009

Calendar 2010

Now that 2010 is very much into the horizon - I'm announcing officially the Octobriana Revolutionar Calendar (officially because that news was already posted on my DA page a while ago).

Because Octobriana is the Spirit of the October Revolution and October is the 10th month of the Year.
We may say that 2010 will be Octobriana's big  Year.
Another fascinating fact about next Year, October the 10th - will be 10-10-10 ; (that will probably get Mr H totally crazy about it).

Some details and comments about this calendar :
Back in September (when I was starting to think about this project (note to self - next Year, start the Calendar project earlier)) - I've contacted Pencil_in_Pain ; because he already had drawn a cool fan art of Octobriana (already mentioned in this blog) and Karel Jerie because he has drawn Octobriana many times, and he's Czech ... like Petr Sadecky.

Last week, I receveid their commissions and was impressed - and I salute both for their outstanding work.

As a little side note, I need to explain the change of the sniper gun Pencil_in_Pain originally drawn into a dagger Kris (you can see the original picture with the rifle on his DA page and the new version on the calendar picture above) - I don't like guns too much, and since Octobriana is also featured with a bottle of vodka in front of the Kremlin, I thought the rifle was a bit too risky.
Kudos to Pencil_in_Pain, he had a great idea to make the illustration one mostly red, and the other green (you'll see why on the next post) - Kudos as well for the dynamic of both composition. they're also remarkable.

Now more detail about the calendar itself, it will be publish on - and will be available soon (hopefully before the end of 2009) the price will be around 25$.

Some people will think ; it's a bit pricey for a calendar, especially in this time of financial crisis - but this calendar will not be mass produced - so reserved for the true Octobriana fan, ... made in the Petr Sadecky's tradition (actually, the real story of the calendar's project started in a secret base near the city of Minsk where the Russian Colonel Alexej Czsarbakov tried to demonstrate the use of a printed calendar to resolve the root of the financial crisis by selling it to a lost civilization of Alien dolphin living under the former Atlantis .. cf. Mtsyry issue 23).

Final note : Please support the "Octobriana Revolutionar Calendar" and may other similar projects fleurish next year -

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