Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calendar 2010 (featuring Karel Jerie)

A little update related to the previous post ...

On the calendar's cover will be the work of Karel Jerie and the painting is mostly blue (that's why Pencil_in_Pain had a stroke of genius in his selection of colors).

Karel is a Czech comics artist and also a painter, and I always admire his composition and creativity. I'm also glad to have receive from him the original artwork.

His painting represents Octobriana hiding in Prague's old streets while a menacing Golem is looking for her.

Now the funny detail about this painting is the star on the Golem's forehead - because in the legend, that's where he's getting his power. So, that makes an interesting meeting ... and a possible geometric problem to solve.

Karel has drawn another sketch for the calendar which involved another potential geometric puzzle and will be a good surprise for people knowing Octobriana, and her origins.

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