Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holiday

During this month, our PPP cell made contact with the Italian PPP's cell - with "Mr G" to be exact, He's the grand, grand, grand, grand son of a noble musician of the Czar "Nikolaj I Pavlovič", and had to emigrate to Italy back in the 19e century, when the Czar discovered that he was not only playing the balalaika, but was also courting Olga Feodorovna of Baden (his youngest son's wife)...
Anyway Mr G, who is coincidentally like his ancestor a musician as well,  published a nice epic poem (in Italian) involving Octobriana, below is a approximate translation in English  :
At that moment could eventually combine with that constant presence in his mind
The sinuous form of a seductive tall and blond as the sun, a creature that goes by the name of Octobriana,
Notorious revolutionary goddess of the East, forcing the anonymity of a Uniform of Siberian delegation - That could only barely conceal his irrepressible sensuality.
Her eyes, blue and transparent like a frozen lake, did not betray in any way the Fire that has always burned in her heart.
A heart that dreams of a revolution - but not the one that might conceive a popular uprising neither a rebellion, nor an anarchy,
Rather something very similar to a bloody and decisive Ascension.
The full original text can be found on Mr G's blog :

Another good find from another Italian website (what a coincidence!) -  2 illustrations done by Maurizio Ercole, check for yourself :

And ... Finally, Happy Holiday to all - I hope you're having a lot of fun.

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