Monday, August 16, 2010

Octobriana and Jenny Everywhere by Fesworks can be criticized for being an endless flow of useless messages ...

But when an opportunity of having a drawing by Fes Works was twitted on the 7th of August (I quote) :
fesworks  Taking requests to draw guest comics or art (might also include my own characters). Must email fesworks @ by Monday! (Please RT)
Twitter show it's true value of being an instantaneous way for any artists/creators/writers/superheros/stars/etc... to get in touch with their followers ... So a message with a request for an Octobriana Fan art was sent and Fes delivered a couple of days later the brilliant art above.

Have a look at the post Fesworks - Jenny Everywhere Day and here too.

Thanks Fes for this great Fan Art.

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