Sunday, May 23, 2010

#Octobriana "Let Running dogs lie"

There is apparently another character named "Projunior" that is labeled as "open-source" (his origins are the early 70s underground comics (just like Octobriana) and his creators are giants like Robert Crumb, Don Dohler etc ...) - if you like a refresh on the other open-source characters read the recent post about Octobriana being Public Domain and Jenny Everywhere.

But wait there's more ... maybe a new comic "Octobriana - our beloved revolutionary sweetheart in "Let Running dogs lie" (but don't get overexcited because the project below is dated back to February 2007).

Quote from JLRoberson :

It might be an interesting equivalent of a crossover if a whole bunch of indie[independent] cartoonists on the web did a story each(not necessarily connected) over a period of time having her somehow come into the lives of their own regular characters, if they have them, for a bit. I already have an idea along those lines.
 For more details jump back to The Comics Journal Message Board :: View topic - octobriana


Illustration credit : JLRoberson - used with permission.

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