Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Geocities, Octobriana & 2012

Octobriana ; The Russian Underground: "In the Maya Prophecy Of The 20th Year Of The 11th Ruler, there is written: Zactunlah Pal Tal Ti Caan (The Girl With The White Face Is Coming From The Sky). the prophecy continues: 'Fire will burst from the ends of her fingers. They call her the Avenger. She is the mother of seven red stars'. The Prophecy Of The 20th Year Of The Eighth Ruler says: Enom Chimal, Emo Halal (With her will descend flat shields and arrows)."

 The Prophecy Of The Priest Na Puk Tun says: 'The heavens will flame with lightning and the Earth will burn'. Bin Ka Cikbech, Bin Ka Kanantech (We shall honour you and protect you) ­ the Royal Salute of the Maya Indians to their white ruler.
These original texts are pre-Christian and they give descriptions of the 'Devil Woman', which fit in with those from Arabic or Chinese texts: eyebrows meeting in the middle, with a triangle or a star above them, large breasts on a slim body, a black snake on her wrist, and so on. Most sources agree that Mahari was born the daughter of 'the White Warrior From The Northern Lands' (Jutland), and of a native female ruler, and (here the sources differ) of either the old Indian Harrapa tribe (about 4,000BC) or from the middle of the Ancient Toltec Empire (about 6,000 years ago).
All sources absolutely agree that the baby girl was entrusted to a caste of priests, and when she grew up was subjected to some sort of operation (the most frequently used word is literally 'radiation'), which have her immortality. Mahari is a person of strong emotions, but obviously also of considerable intellect, which leads to tragic conflicts. Her father was a 'noble savage', but her beautiful mother had definite tendencies towards perversion. And their child, in its terrible immortality and loneliness, undergoes a crushing cycle of transformation.
This above is a quite scary extract of Octobriana geocities website

The irony is that "Geocities" is doomed - after October the 26th - Yahoo is closing it down
see announcement

Since that specific page will then disappear I saved it here using the backupurl.com service.
I also submit the whole website to archive.org (hoping it's not too late!)

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    A good effort to preserve this web which was one of the pioneer showing Octobriana to the world. Personally, I was noticed of Octobriana for the first time in this site.



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