Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alchemy Texts : Made in America - [part 2]

And here comes the 2nd part - of "Octobriana - Made in America" -

I like the ending, it's a great idea - fighting automatic weapon (m16 if I'm not mistaken) with a French-kiss!

The moral of the story is confirming what we see in Hollywood's films - when the producer get away with outrageous blood baths, preposterous carnage, unnecessary violence and wanton, but get censored because of one scene considered "too sexy" for the public - it always amazes me.

Make Love not War!

Comic Credits : comic reproduced with permission of Craig John(art) and John A Short (text)

1 comment:

  1. The double moral in the USA is like that. They have the biggest porn film industry in the world but when the nipple of Michael Jackson's sister appear for a few seconds in the Super Bowl ¡¡¡¡they throw their hands up in horror!!!!.
    Well, that`s the Bizarro World of United States.


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