Thursday, September 10, 2009

Women: the secret weapon of Red Alert 3

Today I made a little compilation to make a point

Watch Red Alert 3: Soviet Cutscene Theater Pt 2 (HD) Online

And the final (short one) is the EA official advertisement - with High Quality

Read the youtube's comments too, I like the one talking about "Whoriffic game[sic]" - Red Alert 3 gamers are sort of complaining that their favourite game is moving away from the RTS (Real-time strategy) and moving toward Porn ?! I guess they're right ... you would have hard time to stay focused on a mission when a video of Ivana could pop up anytime ...

Because it's a scientific fact, that men are getting dumber when they see beautiful women ;)
see article

I quote the article :
When a man meets a pretty woman, he is what we call 'reproductively focused
That's why sexy conscripts on the battlefield would totally make sense.
(Sex bombs, not actual bombs ... no injuries, no fatalities, ... everybody wins!)

I rest my case.

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