Monday, September 7, 2009

Octobriana : Superhero Movies I'd like to See

Octobriana's character is fascinating and would be a real asset for "avant garde" movie producers - symbolizing Revolution, Freedom, the indomitable Youth Spirit - this "Russian Wonder woman" has so many layers ...

And even if she was created in the early 70s ; for some reason today she seems to get a renewal of interests - maybe because our world has changed in a way that freedom and free spirit are now able to express themselves without censure (or is it the opposite? or is it that the gap between the people having free speech and the oppressed people is bigger than ever ?)  

For sure, she would be a unusual super heroine for a movie based on a comic -
Maybe like the "Watchmen" ?

For another point of view on this read the article below (written a little more than a year ago)
Superhero Movies I'd like to See: Radioactive Man, the Tick, Atom Ant and Octobriana - Associated Content 

Now the real question : "Who would be the perfect actress for the casting ?" ... you can still vote  (Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Berkley ;)) and as the article's author (Timothy Sexton) I believe Lucy Lawless would be perfect for the role, but ... I can't change the poll entry.

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