Friday, March 27, 2015

New Octobriana book coming soon

Octobriana underground history

Author John a. Short is currently busy writing a book about public domain, communist super-heroine, Octobriana.

It will be out from Kult Creations later this year.
Here's some art from the new comic strip origin that will be featured in the book (written by me with art by Gabby Noble.) 
Above is an excerpt from

A little more information about the book : The page size will be roughly A5 : 16.5cm x 24cm.

It's a factual book about the creation of the character and her many uses since her birth (back in 1971).

It will most likely have color pages.

There will be one comic strip written by John and illustrated by (the mysterious) Gabrielle Noble. The full color strip is over 30 pages long and features a 14 pages flashback sequence which covers Octobriana's origin story.

There are rumors of a few industry names offering a few exclusive Octobriana illustrations, and it will be on sale later this year (October 2015, Maybe?!).

If interested dear reader, you can keep up to date with the book progress on

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