Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 2014

October is there once again

Octobriana’s month .. thank you visitor, subscribers and commentators … your support is very valuable and appreciated.

As you all know October is the “Octobriana awareness month

The time to (re)discover the extraordinary character of Octobriana, her underground adventures, her weird missions involving herd of buffalo, Walrus, and atomic suns ...

It is the glorious time to put back the focus on Octobriana the Spirit of Eternal Youth and Revolution … with class.

Because what’s really “hot” is to behold a woman in her power!!

A time for celebration

To celebrate have a little picture of Octobriana in the wild

Made with dailiaa stock picture.

And some extras

For more Octobriana fandom fun like this page :
and follow the Octobriana tumblr at octobriana.tumblr.com
because it is filled with sexy pictures of Russian chicks (but not always)

I love the smell of Revolution in the morning...it smells like...victory.

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