Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prague Komiks fest

Komiks fest 2011 in Prague is now over, it was interesting to meet many international guests, especially a talented Russian comic artist Konstantin Komardin.

During the exhibition "Tigers from East" of Konstantin Komardin and Jozef “Danglár” Gertli.  Konstantin was really nice taking the time to autograph the Petr Sadecky 1971 book with this Octobriana drawing on the left.
Fixing a 40 years old issue, since there was (paradoxically) no Russian art in "Octobriana and the Russian Underground".

The second photo is  a large painting by Jozef “Danglár” Gertli, depicting a jaded blueish Octobriana veteran holding cigar and AK47 and who seemed to have participate in too many revolutionary "coup".

She does look a bit old on that picture, but hey ... 2011 is marking her 40th birthday! and it doesn't look like the world is yet rid of the need of revolution.

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