Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome to Octobriana's blog

Welcome to Octobriana's blog

As a comics fan, I always get very excited to discover hidden gems like Octobriana - my perception of this Russian wonder woman, is that she represents the "Eternal Spirit of Youth" - of what the October Revolution could have lead to, if it didn't ended up as a totalitarian communist regime - Octobriana represents hope in the future.

I would recommend reading this introduction by Stuart Taylor

This blog is a way for me to gather Octobriana's information and artworks, talk with other Octobriana's fan around the globe and to post "news and updates" related to Octobriana.

You can expect a post every month and more frequently when time allows.

Finally, even though the character Octobriana is Public Domain, artworks published here isn't - by default  images and videos published in this blog are copyrighted by their respective holders, and are used for informational purposes or review only.

No infringement is intended and copyrights remain at source (see respective links provided on each post).


  1. I thought you might want to add this to your links -

    It's the Remake Remodel thread for Octobriana over at Warren Ellis's Whitechapel forums.

  2. Thanks for the link David - I wished Freak Angels wouldn't have closed the thread :(

  3. Hello my brother, I'm from Mexico and I have a Octobriana's Shrine too in Yahoo Groups:

    Also, I have in cbr format comics like Cherry Jubilee, Nikolai Dante, Agent 327 and Luther Arkwright in which Octobriana appears. And I have too the finnish film Octobriana and the finger of Lenin. I'll hope we can exchange material of the goddess Octobriana and I hope you join our group on yahoo.

    See us.


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